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Do You Need a Storage Unit?

Suffolk Man Moving Boxes into a Storage UnitIf your stuff seems to be consuming your Suffolk rental home space, you may be asking if you should rent a storage unit. But before you sign a contract, it is necessary to think about your situation cautiously. Is it really needed to have a storage unit? Or is there another way to manage your belongings? To help you clear this up, we will bring up some of the reasons why you might – or might not – need a storage unit.

Too Much Stuff

Perhaps the ultimate reason why people rent a storage unit is that they own too much stuff. At times, this occurs when downsizing to a smaller home, when moving, or when between homes. Some collectors don’t have enough space for their collections, and some have inherited items they don’t need or aren’t currently using.

But possessing too much stuff isn’t necessarily a convincing reason to rent a storage unit. This is particularly true if you evaluate the amount you’ll spend on the monthly rent as opposed to the value of the items you wish to maintain. For example, spending an extra $100 a month on a storage unit means those items will cost you $1,200 a year to own and never use. Before renting a storage unit, it is imperative to determine why you want to keep the things you propose to store and, if needed, study other alternatives to a storage unit.

Storing Valuables

One aspect that can vastly change the equation on value and storage is if you possess valuable items you want to keep but don’t have space for them at home for one reason or another. Obviously, if you have high-end valuables, you need to choose climate-controlled storage. Things such as artwork, musical instruments, antiques, photos, and electronics can be damaged by heat or cold and should not be kept in an outdoor storage condition.

Creative Alternatives

If you have items you want or need to keep but do not appear worth the cost of a storage unit, consider other creative options to keep your stuff – or not. In several circumstances, having too much stuff is caused by being unwilling to let things go, including things you will likely never use. If you can overcome your attachment to these items, you might be able to sell or give them away instead.

In a different manner, if you have things you can’t abandon but don’t really need a storage unit to keep, try asking a friend to keep or store it for you until you can take them home. A friend or family member with an empty spare room can utilize the antique furniture, piano, or framed artwork you don’t currently need but want to maintain. Alternatively, get creative with the spaces in your own home to make room for your belongings. Underneath staircases, attics, and garage shelving can all add usable storage space and allow you to store a few more of your cherished belongings.


Even though there are several cases where a storage unit may be obligatory, on many occasions, there are other and less expensive ways to deal with having more stuff than we need. Finally, it is up to you to choose! However, if you do feel like a bigger rental home would give you not only more living space but more storage space as well, give Real Property Management Hampton Roads a call! You can browse our listings and apply online when you find one that catches your eye.

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