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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Why don’t you have your own maintenance company? Wouldn’t it save me money?

Real Property Management Hampton Roads wants to focus on managing your rental. That is our expertise. Moreover, we found that by hiring contractors that specialize in that specific trade, the quality is much better. And because we give them so much work, we are able to negotiate better prices. Additionally, we have a minimum of three contractors per trade, so their ability to respond immediately is much better.

Ever heard the saying, “He’s a Jack of all trades, master of none”? Far too often we see unlicensed guys in a truck fixing things they have no business fixing. Our way gets it done right the first time and at a reasonable cost.

What is your maintenance and repair policy? If you have internal maintenance, what is the hourly rate?

We highly discourage owners from being their own handyman, due to increased liability, and tenants attempting to circumvent management for all future request.  Owners that have their own prefered maintenance professionals can be accommodated with additional documentation.  Our internal maintenance is limited in scope with reasonable rates based on the service.  We have a condray of professional and prefered vendors in all service areas that offer some of the best service rates for professionals in their respected industries.  Real Property Management requires a copy of the vendors liability and workers compensation insurance policies as well as a copy of the contractor and/or business license. Real Property Management Hampton Roads utilizes a state-of-the-art work order system that tracks all maintenance requests and communication. Our owners receive copies of each work order via email. We have an online system making it easy for our tenants to troubleshoot problems and request repairs

Do you hold maintenance money in a reserve account?

Real Property Management Hampton Roads DOES NOT require reserves for each of the properties managed.  The reserve funds are typically there so that repairs and bills can be paid after rents have been dispersed.  We do not pay mortgages, HOA dues, property taxes, or hazard insurance premiums, which is one of the reasons we do not require reserve accounts.  We are often able to avoid needing reserve accounts because of the favorable terms that we have established with outside vendors allowing our owners to pay for smaller repairs out of the following months rental proceeds. For larger jobs often vendors will require deposits prior to starting the work.

Who do I call for maintenance questions?

Maintenance Questions – [email protected] / 757-395-4274

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